Unique Historical Chhattisgarh - Language , Archaeology , Rock Paintings , Ancient Caves

Chhattisgarh, as you all are attached to, has historical uniqueness of culture in many aspect.

Historical Languages and Tribes:

We dig into history of chhattisgarh land. It was part of richest culture of Gondwanaor Gondwanaland, bastar and Surguja.

1. Gond Tribes and Gondi Language 

The word Gond and Gondi came from here. This unique tribe's presence is seen in adjucent areas of Chhattisgarh. (near Chandrapur and Nagpur in Maharashtra, near balaghat area in Madhya Pradhesh, in adjucent districts of Telangana region). Even, we say Chhattisgarhi is main Language(or dialect of Hindi), Gondi (from Dravidian Language family) is spoken by many in South of Chhattisgarh. It has every right be part of Chhattisgarh language list. This is richest ancient language by tribe, which is sign of continous civilization.

2. Mariya Tribes and Mariya Language 

Another tribe, is Mariya or Madiya abujmadiya tribe of bastar region. They has various unique culture like Hat bazar, community wedding, salfi unique beverage.

3. Korwa Tribes and Korba Language 

One more area with tribes is Surguja-Jashpur, they has some other unique way of living. It is bordered with Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand has mix of North and Tribe culture. It has been various groups associated with Ramayan time. Pado and Korwa(Pahadi Korwa) tribes are associated with this area. Korwa People speak, Korba language - One of the Munda lanugage family, which is spread across Chota Nagpur region.

Historical Rock Painting Caves - Shailashay

Another unique aspect is recently found caves in Chhattisgarh area.

1. Caves of Kanker and Nearby - 

Many of the hills in tribal belt has seen rock painting dated way back of 10000 BC. Some paintings also depicted of UFO and extra terestrical evidences. These are still to be authorized by historians. Gadiya Mountain (Gadiya Pahadi) has Churi Pagar caves. This mountain is famous for Mahashivratri celebrations.

2. Caves of Raigarh and Nearby - 

Near Raigarh Area, too many caves with different symbol found, exploration of this aspect is required too. Raigarh, Kharasia, Singhanpur and Sarangarh has many caves.

3. Caves of Bastar Jagdalpur and Nearby - 

Kotumsar Caves (in Kanger Valley National Park) and Kailash caves (Kailash Gufa) 

Archeological Excavation and historical civilization:

Coming next towards continous Civilization,  The land of Chhattisgarh civilization through archeological excavation is seen in 4 major areas.

1. Durg-Raipur-Mahasamund Region -

Madku Dweep and Damaru (Damroo) excavations of baloda bazar. Udarlami in Mahasamund district is newly found on the bank of Jonk River. Beatiful Sirpur Budhha vihar and recently Tarighat, which is said to be 10000 BC old.

2. Bilaspur-Ratanpur region -

This vast area has been long time capital region of Chhattisgarh. Capital city shifted from Ratanpur to Raipur via Sirpur. Through excavation of Ratanpur Temple, Pali Shiv Temple, Malhar Mounds, Sheorinarayan and Kharod Temples, Tala gram Devrani Jethani Temple.

3. Kawardha-Amarkantak-Madhyapradesh region - 

Pachrahi excavations, Bhoramdeo Temple and nearby excavations, Gandai and Chuikhadan area ancient temples and Amarkantak Temples (which is origin of Narmada and Son River).

4. Surguja-Koriya-Korba region - 

Archeological places like Ramgarh, Dipadih, Deogarh and Kudargarh, Maheshpur.

5. Bastar region

Barsoor Battisa Temple and Ganesh Temple, Dholkal hill ganesha temple.

About Barsoor: http://explore-chhattisgarh.blogspot.com/2010/11/barsur-temple.html

Through photos maps and Knowledge base of our ancient historical books, we would explore this aspect of Chhattisgarh. #ExpCG

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