Raipur City Bus Map : Raipur Station Naya Raipur Airport Arang Tatibandh

Raipur City Bus Cluster

Raipur City Railway Station to Mana Camp, Airport Birgaon and Arang
रायपुर शहर से माना कैम्प, बीरगांव और आरंग

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BRTS City Buses to connect Raipur with Naya Raipur.
Raipur already has city bus network, but it takes approx. 1 hrs to reach naya Raipur. BRTS buses will take only 20 minutes.

Raipur City Bus Routes:  

ROUTE NO 1 : Railway Station To Raipur Airport
Railway Station To Raipur Airport Via gadi chowk, mahila thana, police line, r.k.hospital, froot market, mana camp.
Frequency - Every 10 minutes interval from morning 7.00 am to night 7.30 pm
ROUTE NO 2 : Railway Station To New Manthralaya(New Raipur)
Railway Station To New Manthralaya(New Raipur) Via gadi chowk,tele bandh,city mall,,labhandi.
Frequency - Every 20 minutes interval from morning 8.30 am to night 7.30 pm
ROUTE NO 3 : Railway Station to Navagaon
Railway Station to Navagaon Via gadi chowk,anand nagar,tele bandh,city mall,jora,mandir hasaud, R.I.T college.
Frequency - Every 10 minutes interval from morning 7.00 am to night 7.30 pm
ROUTE NO 4 : Railway Station To Tatibandh
Railway Station To Tati Bandh Via sastri chowk.sarada chowk,amapara,R.K.C,N.I.T,bharat mata.
Frequency - Every 5 minutes interval from morning 7.00 am to night 8.30 pm

Raipur City Bus Map

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