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Ramgarh, Surguja District, Chhattisgarh: Sita Bhengra Caves, Sita kund, Kalidas Meghdutam

Ramgarh hills are located 50 kms from Ambikapur, headquarter of Surguja District.
This is very famous for historical significance.

There are oldest temples and caves, which are of historical significance. Books like Meghdutam by Kalidas and many inscriptions are written here. Ramayan Evidence are also found in Ramgarh Hills, it is also called Ramgiri.


Sita Bhengra Caves

It is said that These caves were used by Sri Ram and Sita during their exile and visit to Ramgarh. The name Ram-garh is also derived from Sri Ram himself. They stayed here for some time.

Sita Kund:

During their stay in Ramgarh hills, they had created ponds. It is very famous till now, it is named after Sita.

Ramgarh Caves Inscriptions:

Ramgarh hills caves inscriptions are very old about 2nd Century B. C

Kalidas NatyaShala and Meghdut:

It is said that the jogimara cave was used to tell musical stories.
Below is scripts found in cave is written in Brahmi Lipi.

'शुतनुक नम।' 
'शुतनुक नम देवदार्शक्यि।' 
'तंकमयिथ वलन शेये।' 
'देवदिने नम। लुपदखे।' 

Sutnuka is a goddess dancer. Devotee of Varun, Handsome Devdin Daksha has loved Sutnuka.
सुतनुका नाम की देवदासी (के विषय में), सुतनुका नाम की देवदासी को प्रेमासक्त किया। वरुण के उपासक (बनारस निवासी) श्रेष्ठि देवदीन नाम के रुपदक्ष ने। 

Jogimara Cave heroine is Sutnuka. This is oldest caves of this type.

Ramgarh Mahotsav:

Ramgarh Mahotsav is celebrated every year in month of June.

This place is located in Surguja District of Chhattisgarh(Check CG districts map)

Air: (Check Chhattisgarh Airmap)

From Raipur Airport: by Car.
50 km from Ambikapur.

Train: (Check Chhattisgarh Trainmap)

Nearest Station is Ambikapur Station.


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