• ShaktiPeeth, Chhattisgarh

    , Danteshwari Maa-Dantewada, Bamleshwari Maa-Dongargarh, Mahamaya Mata - Ratanpur, Chhattisgarh
  • Yogmudra

    Tala, Amerikampa, Bilaspur
  • Shabri Temple

    Historical pic of Shabri Temple in Kharod, Chhattisgarh
  • Gandai Shiv Temple

    Gandai, Rajnandgaon district, Chhattisgarh
  • Districts of Chhattisgarh - 27 Total


Inscriptions in Chhattisgarh: Akaltara, Arang, Dantewada, Jagdalpur, Baloda, Barsur, Bhairamgarh, Bhoramdeo, Kanker, Sarangarh, Kharod, Malhar, pali, Manpur, Narayanpal, Pujarlpali, Raipura, Raipur, Ramgarh, Ratanpur, Sahaspur, Sheorinarayan, Sihawa, Sunarpal, Tundara, Chirmiri, Chitrakot

There are many inscriptions found from history of Chhattisgarh during british period. Some are kept in museum and some are destroyed by the time.


DistrictDriving DirectionNearest Train Station
AkaltaraAkaltara Stone Inscription
AkalUra Fragmentary Stone Inscription
 Janjgir-Champa42 kms from BilaspurAkaltara
ArangArang Plate of Bhimasena
Arahg Plates of Raja Maha Jayaraja
Arang Plate of the Haihaya King Amarasimhadeva
Gupta 182, 282
Archaeological Excavations in Central India: Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
 By Om Prakash Misra
Raipur37 kms from RaipurArang
BalodaBaloda Plates of Tivaradeva Janjgir-Champa38 kms from Bilaspur15 kms from Akaltara
BarsurBarsur Telugu Inscription of the time of Jagdekabhushana.
Barsur Stone Inscription of GangamahadevI(wife of Somesvaradeva)
Barsur Nagari Inscription
 Dantewada94 kms East from Jagdalpur94 kms East from Jagdalpur
BhairamgadhBhairamgadh Incomplete Telugu Inscription Dantewada114 kms East from Jagdalpur114 kms East from Jagdalpur
BhoramdeoBhoramdeo Temple Inscriptions Kabirdham16 kms from Kawardha 
ChauraMandava Mahal Inscription Kabirdham16 kms from Kawardha 
Chhapri, BoriaSATI INSCRIPTIONS in pillars in Rama's templeSamvat 1430(A.D.1373), 1445
Cunningham's Archaeological Reports, Volume XVII, page 41
Kabirdham17 Kms from Kawardha 
Magha Samvat 1407, Saka 1272
1351 A. D.
Chirmidhi is a village about 6 or 7 miles from Khar- gawan, the head-quarters of a Zamindarl in the Korea State. Dr. L. L. Fermor, of the Geological Survey, recently
found an inscription which is much abraded. It records the construction of a temple of Sayambhu (Brahma).It eulogises one Govinda Chuda Deva.
 Koria114 kms from AmbikapurChirmiri
ChitrakootThe Nagvamsis of Chakrakotya Bastar36 kms from Jagdalpur36 kms from Jagdalpur
Damau DharaGUNJI STONE INSCRIPTION in Pali characters da$%an@yaka
Cousens' Progress Report ; , 1904, page 54.
Janjgir-ChampaGunjli(between Barpali and Rainkhol) is 14 miles from SaktiSakti Railway Station
DantewadaDantewara Telugu Inscription
Dantewara Masakdevi's Notification
Dantewara Pillar Inscription
Dantewara Kakatlya Inscription
Saka year 984Dantewada85 kms from JagdalpurDantewada
DeokotDeokut Stone Inscription Balod59 kms from Durg10 kms from Dhamtari Rly Stn
Dongar SilatiDongar Inscription of Daryaodeva
Dongar Inscription of Bhairamadeva
 Bastar31 kms from Kondagaon 
DurgDurg Stone Inscription of Sivadeva Durg40 kms from RaipurDurg
ErraborErrakot Telugu Inscription Sukma165 kms from Jagdalpur165 kms from Jagdalpur
Gopalapur and Pendraiyo INSCRIPTIONS
Vide Cousens' Progress Report for 1904,
page 51

Gopalapur and Pendra which appear to
have been mentioned, because Gopala had probably some connection with them, Apparently, he was the founder of Gopalapura, which was named after him, and Pendra was perhaps his birth-place.
BilaspurPendra is 132 Kms north east to BilaspurPendra Road Rly Stn
GururGurur Stone Inscription Balod80 kms from Durg28 kms from Balod Rly Stn
JatanpalJatanpal Stone InscriptionNear Chitrakoot waterfall
Saka year 1140
Bastar50 kms NW from Jagdalpur 
KankerThe Chiefs of Kakaira
Kanker Plates of Pamparaja of (Kalachuri)
Kanker Stone Inscription of Bhanudera
Kanker Rock Inscription
Samvat 965-966Kanker126 kms from Raipur 
KawardhaKawardha Inscriptions  Kabirdham116 kms from Raipur116 kms from Raipur
KhalariKhalari Stone Jnscription of the reign of Haribrahmadeva  Mahasamund80 kms from Raipur3 kms from Bhimkhoj Rly Stn
KhariarKhariar Plates of Maha Sudeva  Gariyaband112 kms from Raipur4 kms from Khariar Road
KharodKharod Damaged Stone Inscription
Kharod Stone Inscription of Batnadeva III
KosgainKosgain Stone Inscription of Vaharendra    
KothariKothari Fragmentary Inscription    
KugdaKugda Fragmentary Inscription  GariyabandAtarmara is 78 kms from Raipur31 kms from Rajim Rly Stn
KuruspalKuruspal Tank Slab of Dharana Mahadev I
Kuruspal Fragmentary Stone Inscription
Kuruspal Inscription of Somesvaradeva of Saka
Kuruspal Stone Inscription of Somesvaradeva
  Bastar15 kms NE from Jagdalpur 
MalharMalhar Stone Inscription of Jajalladeva II  Bilaspur  
ManpurThe Rashtrakutas of Manpur  Rajnandgaon  
NarayanpalNarayanpal Inscription of Gunda MahadevINear Chitrakoot waterfall Bastar40 kms NW from Jagdalpur 
PaliPali Temple Inscriptions  Korba  
PotanarPotinar Telugu Inscription of the time of Jagdeka-bhuthana  Bastar14 kms from Jagdalpur 
1 See Fleet's Gupta Inscriptions, pages 197 and 192.
2 Epigraphia Indica, Volume XI, page 186.

The inscription is written in praise of the Varahi goddess locally known as Barhadevi, and almost every sloka mentions the name of her devotee Gopala, who apparently built a temple to which the stone was affixed.
 Raigarh22 miles(36kms) East from Sarangadh50 Kms South from Raigarh Railway Station
RaipurRaipur Plates of Maha Sudevaraja  Raipur  
RaipuraRayapura Stone Inscription of Brahmadeva  Raipur7 kms from Raipur7 kms from Raipur Rly Stn
Rajim Plates of Tivaradeva
Rajim Stone Inscription of Jagapaladeva
k^rttana GariyabandRajim is 48 kms SW from Raipur 
Ramgadh hill, Sita-Bhengra caves, Jogi Madha cave
2nd Century B. C
RatanpurRatanpur Stone Inscription of Jajalladeva
Ratanpur Fragmentary Inscription of Prithvideva II
Ratanpur ' Mahamaya Temple' Inscription of Vahirendra
Ratanpur ' Badal Mahal ' Inscription of the rulers of Talahari Mandala
Samvat 1247(A. D. 1 189-90)Bilaspur27 Kms from BilaspurBilaspur
SahaspurSahaspur Statue Inscription Kabirdham21 kms from Kawardha98 kms from Rajnandgaon Rly Stn
SambaRatanpur Stone Inscription of Prithvideva III
The object of the inscription is to record the erection of a Siva temple at the village of Samba by Devagana, w^ho himself composed the record.
SarangarhSarangadh Plates of Maha Sudeva Raigarh  
SheorinarayanSeorinarayan Statue Inscription
Seorinaraysn Stone Inscription of the time of Jajalla deva II
SihawaSihawa'S Stone Inscription of Karnaraja Dhamtari65 kms SE from DhamtariDhamtari
SirpurSirpur 'Gandhesvara Temple' Inscriptions of Siva gupta.
Sirpur ' Lakshmana Temple ' Stone Inscription irang Stone Inscription
Sirpur Surang Mound Stone Inscription
Sirpur River Gateway Inscription …
 Mahasamund Mahasamund
SunarpalSunarpal Stone Inscription of Jayasimhadeva Bastar30 kms from Jagdalpur towards Kondagaon 
TundaraSARANGADH PLATES OF MAHASUDEVADeposited in the Raipur MuseumBaloda Bazar35 miles west of Sarangadh 

Inscriptions are located in various districts of Chhattisgarh(Check districts map) for more details.

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