Raigarh District : Chhattisgarh Tourism : Ram Jharna Bhupdevpur, GOMARDA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, Chandrahansini temple Chandrapur, Singhanpur cave, Ongna Pahad, Kabra Pahad, Sarangarh Kharsiya Rock Shelter

Raigarh is one of the developing city in Chhattisgarh. There are many Tourist locations nearby.


Ram Jharna : Ram Waterfall
Located near Bhupdevpur, 18 km from Raigarh. This place is said to be visited by Shri Ram during their exile period. So, it is named Ram Jharna.

Raigarh Fort
Ancient Fort belongs to Raigarh Kings

Balaji Temple
Balaji Temple situated in Raigarh. 
Painting of Shri Ram's journey in Exile is depicted on Temple wall.

Chandra hasni Chandrapur, Chhattisgarh

Chandrahansini Temple is situated in Chandrapur. This is very famous Ma Durga Temple.

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Located near Sarangarh in 278 Square Km. Popular for Tigers and Beers.

Shailashrya:Pre-Historic Caves                                                                                                              

Shailashraya Rock Shelter: Singhanpur (Singhanpur cave): 20 Km west from Raigarh. 1 km from Bhupadevapur.
This place was disvered in 1910 by Anderson. It has pre-historic paintings on walls of cave. There were 23 paintings earlier but now only 13 are remaining.

PaintingsLadder men, Mermaid, Animal figures, Hunting scenes, Kangaroo, Giraffe.

Ongna Pahad: 72 km North from Raigarh near Dharmjaigarh.
Ancient Carving on Stones like bhimbetka of Madhya Pradesh, This place needs more attention by Tourism Department of Chhattisgarh.

PaintingsMan with head gear Geometrical drawings, Dancing

Kabra Pahad: 8 km East from Raigarh.
PaintingsTortoise, Bison, Male Figures, Geometric patterns

Basnajhar: 17 km south west from Singhanpur
There were approx. 300 paintings found at this location.

Paintings: Elephant, Geometric patterns Animal Hunting scenes

Karmagarh:30 km North East from Raigarh.
Paintings:Geometric patterns, Paintings in multi-colours.

Khairpur: 12 km North from Raigarh
PaintingsDancing scenes, Animal figures

Botalda: 8 km North from Kharsiya
Lion Cave on 2000 Feet height hill on North of the Botaldah village.
PaintingsAnimals, Hunting scenes, Mermaid

Bhanwarkhol and Sutighat: 12 km from Kharsiya
PaintingsBison, Mermaid, Bear, Hunting scenes, Geometric pattern, Swastik, Agriculture and Animals figures

Amargufa and Cherigodari: 13 km South from Kharsiya
PaintingsAnimal patterns, Hunting scenes, Human figures

Sarangarh (Siroli Dongri, Gatadih): Near Sarangarh
PaintingsHuman figures, Hunting scenes, Palm impressions, Rock Painting Engraving

More about rock sites in Chhattisgarh


Chakradhar Samaroh

This festival is celebrated during Ganesh Chaturthi for 10 Days.
held in the memory of Late King Chakradhar who is revered for his contribution in the field of music, arts and sports.
There are Culture Ceremonies and Traditional Sports completions like Kabaddi.


- Jindal Steel and Power
- Bhushan Power and Steel
- Monnet Ispat

This place is located in Chhattisgarh(Check CG districts map)

Air: (Check Chhattisgarh Airmap)

From Raipur Airport: by Car.

Kondatarai Airport is proposed Raigarh Airport, Second in Chhattisgarh. It is

Train: (Check Chhattisgarh Trainmap)

Raigarh Station

New Rail Corridor from Raigarh is proposed in 2013 Rail Budget.


data from CG Govt website.
तहसील (Tehsil)ग्राम पंचायत (Village Panchayat)आबाद ग्राम (Populated Village)विरान ग्राम (Un Populated Village)कुल ग्राम (Total Village)राजस्व निरिक्षक मंडल (RI Circle)हल्का (Halka)क्षेत्रफल (Area)
रायगढ़ (Raigarh)761532155345507.29
पुसौर (Pusaur)771480148240400.79
बरमकेला (Baramkela)8222522247243462.75
खरसिया (Kharsiya)771371138139403.26
घरघोड़ा (Gharghoda)4181182121469.38
तमनार (Tamnar)571161117129434.04
लैलूंगा (Lailunga)691172119135600.47
धरमजयगढ़ (Dharamjaigarh)10518311842531224.89
सारंगढ़ (Sarangarh)10827015285256526.88
जिला योग (District Total)6921430451475153615030.75
जनगणना - २०११ (Census-2011)
तहसील (Tehsil)पुरूष (Male)स्त्री (Female)कुल (Total)ग्रामीण (Rural)नगरीय (Urban)
पुरूष (Male)स्त्री (Female)कुल (Total)पुरूष (Male)स्त्री (Female)कुल (Total)
रायगढ़ (Raigarh)15754614991630746273156712061443628439078710163100
पुसौर (Pusaur)70180696171397976779367261135054238723564743
बरमकेला (Baramkela)757347560415133869444693781388226290622612516
खरसिया (Kharsiya)750847546815055265348662511315999736921718953
घरघोड़ा (Gharghoda)392854008279367344643545369917482146299450
तमनार (Tamnar)493254860397928493254860397928000
लैलूंगा (Lailunga)65013655961306096089061512122402412340848207
धरमजयगढ़ (Dharamjaigarh)10321610380720702395938967241926627278708314361
सारंगढ़ (Sarangarh)1140561154952295511066481079522146007408754314951
जिला योग (District Total)74943974418814936276230066243401247346126433119848246281
साक्षरता - २०११ (Literacy - 2011)
तहसील (Tehsil)पुरूष (Male)स्त्री (Female)कुल (Total)ग्रामीण (Rural)नगरीय (Urban)
पुरूष (Male)स्त्री (Female)कुल (Total)पुरूष (Male)स्त्री (Female)कुल (Total)
रायगढ़ (Raigarh)124169974282215975557542067976426859455361123955
पुसौर (Pusaur)553404384299182533584218995547198216533635
बरमकेला (Baramkela)5813744471102608531214031393434501641589174
खरसिया (Kharsiya)57888436561015444996737224871917921643214353
घरघोड़ा (Gharghoda)265331931445847227141640239116381929126731
तमनार (Tamnar)362172682863045362172682863045000
लैलूंगा (Lailunga)414673034371810383802774866128308725955682
धरमजयगढ़ (Dharamjaigarh)655454554811109359861411601010215684438810072
सारंगढ़ (Sarangarh)825906055014314076426552971317236164525311417
जिला योग (District Total)54788641198095986644561932922877484710226782752185019
पुरूष/स्त्री अनुपात – २०११ (M/F Ratio - 2011)
ग्रामीण (Rural)नगरीय (Urban)योग (Total)


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