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Holi in Chhattisgarh - Holi faag song on Falgun Purnima

Holi in Chhattisgarh - Holi faag song on Falgun Purnima


Bastar Holi:

In Bastar, Dantewada districts of Chhattisgarh, Falgun Mandai (Festival) is celebrated. This is said tradition that, godess Danteshwari comes here with other deities to celebrate holi with tribal people using ashes of Holika Dahan. Some tradition are.

- Padula Puja - पादुका पूजन
- Rang Bhang - रंग-भंग

Anwaramar Rituals - आंवरामार रस्म : There is 700 years old Sati Sita idol, worshiped during Holika Dahan.
Ganwarmar Rituals - गंवरमार रस्म: Ganwar means Wild Buffalo. People create mannequin of Wild Buffalo. Mannequin is with framework of bamboo and palm leaves. Priest use musical instrument Mohari during ceremony.

It is said that these rituals started from Madpal village, started by Kaktiya Kings of Bastar.

Faag Geet:

Holi Songs in chhattisgarhi language sung during Holi celebration. These songs are call faag based on the hindu month name Fagun. On Fagun Purnima Holi is celebrated.

Listen Holi Faag below:

Nagada: Holi Drum

This musical instrument is specially for Holi, created with mud

Holika Dahan:

People, specially children, collect woods of trees which become dry during summer season. This wood is collected at one place and after puja it is set for fire on the memory of Bhakt Prahlad.

Prahlad was worshiper of Lord Vishnu. He was son of Hiranyakashyap Demon. Hiranyakashyap wanted Prahlad not to worship Vishnu but him. But Prahlad disobeyed him, so he order his sister Holika to take her on her lap and sit on fire. Holika was granted with special power, that she will not burn in fire. But, opposite happened because of Lord Vishnu saved his worshiper and burned Holika in the fire.

Abeer Gulal (Colors of Holi):

Many different colors are used to play holi. Everyone plays holi with colors, whole area is colorful.

Holi beverages:

Bhang is very famous among beverages drunk during Holi. This is even served in Shiva Temples. People enjoy this festival from morning till evening.

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