Archaeological sites in Chhattisgarh - Sirpur, Pachrahi, Maheshpur, Madkudweep, dipadih, Malhar, Barsur, Tarighat, Udarlami

Excavations in Chhattisgarh:                                                                                             

ExcavationYearDistrictDriving DirectionNearest Train StationDating
Pachrahi2007-10Kabirdham32 Kms North from Kawardha82 Kms East from Kargi Road Kota Railway Station1308-09 A.D
Sirpur1953-56Mahasamund80 Kms East from Raipur33 Kms North from Mahasamund Railway Station‎2nd-3rd Century B.C.
Maheshpur2008-09Surguja12 Kms from Udaipur45 Kms from Ambikapur Railway Station8th-11th Century
Madkudeep / Madku dweep2011Baloda bazar82 Kms North from Raipur on NH-20012 Kms from Nipania Railway Station10th-11th Century
Dipadih1988-91Surgujafrom Ambikapur, 36 Kms North-east on NH-78 till Rajpur, take right 19 kms for Shankargarh, turn left and 3 Kms.65 Kms from Ambikapur Railway Station
Malhar1974-78Bilaspur31 kms from Bilaspur31 kms from Bilaspur
BarsoorDantewada80 Kms West from Jagdalpur80 Kms West from Jagdalpur
Udarlami2013Mahasamund125 Kms East from Raipur35 kms from Bagbahara Railway Station

Tarrighat2013Raipur31 Kms South to Raipur31 Kms South to Raipur10000 years old

Damaru (Damroo)2014Baloda Bazar18 Kms northeast to Baloda Bazar2000 years old

New Findings

2,500-yr-old city found buried in Chhattisgarh

Check new page for Tarighat

The surface findings at the archaeological site located on the left bank of river Kharun, a tributary of Sheonath river, indicate that the ancient city buried underneath was a highly developed urban settlement and flourished in the third century BC. more..

2,000-yr-old archaeological site found in C’garh

Archaeologists have discovered remains of a 2,000-year-old mud-fort at Damaru, 18 kms north-east of Baloda Bazar. The site is located on the bank of river Seonath in Chhattisgarh’s Baloda Bazar district.

“The surface findings have indicated that the site may date back to 1st century AD. The excavation of the site may throw light on the missing historical links between 1st century AD and 5th century AD of Chhattisgarh, known in archaeological parlance as dark period”, archaeological officer and director of Damroo excavation Dr Shivakant Vajpayee told..

Inscriptions in Chhattisgarh:                                                                                            

There are many inscriptions found in chhattisgarh on various times and these are kept in different places.
Please check the post Inscriptions in Chhattisgarh for more details.

Archaeology Map of Chhattisgarh:                                                                                               

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